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Many kids are taken unjustly from families and placed with foster parents where they are several times more likely to be abused, placed on harmful medications, or die, than they are with birth parents.   These Kids wind up being victims of child predators and trafficked for sex.  #exposepedogate  #Defund title 4 and 10 #Demand Jury Trials Family Court #Family Rights
Family courts and contractors have plead guilty to crimes that alienate children from fit parents with unequal custody orders.  Sometimes they take children from fit parents in divorce cases to receive federal dollars based on amount of child support orders issued.  These courts do not follow the Bill of Rights or rules of criminal court offering financial kickback through conflicts of interest. The # 1 reason for removal of a child is for drug addiction followed by domestic violence and neither are classified as a crime there for no option for Trial by Jury while child is sent to strangers home being denied of Grand Parents and other family. Help us strenghten laws and set Jury Trials so save children and parents.

Standing up on the right to trial by jury is something that, really, a lot of people should agree with, you know, both on the Right and the Left. Rand Paul

Family Ct. Jury Trials and Transparency Bill for enactment.....

Proposed to the Indiana House in June 2017 & Senate Jan 2018. Indiana legislators are ignoring our requests for fair trials in Family Court while they continue to pass blls that hurt families.
This proposal was introduced and the response was uneducated while no consideration was given and without approving an appointment to be heard by our Indiana Constitutuants: 
( Family Court Jury and Transparency Bill ) Due to the quick Bill “ Foster Care Bill Of Rights” we ask for adjudication and to NOT enforce this Bill until We The People have been heard. This Bill Like many others move fast without transparency and We The People have Rights already established for all Americans that need to be enforced which includes anyone who has a role in the family court process including but not limited to Children, Fathers, Mothers, Grand Parents, Foster Parents, Sub Contractors of the Courts; We need time to properly adjudicate, negotiate and ratify law that will protect us all. Currently our state is rated #1 with more children in DCS care than any other per capita; A child has recently died due to DCS neglect; Head of our DCS stepped down; Foster Parents have sued DCS, Social Workers have sued DCS, Parents have sued DCS for false allegations and WON, We The People have no rights to a Grand Jury of Peers and say “ NO” to a formation of special Bill Of Rights for Foster Parents unless given what we want. Child support, visitation, divorce, division of assets, Elderly Removal, Child Removal, Victims of Domestic Violence and Pedophile Counseling are just some of the very important issues that come through family court. I have proposed 2 Separate Bills and am very close to Filing FOIA on every non profit established with the family court system. We The People have a right to all public information to gain true statistics on harmed children and families in addition to Loss Prevention and accountability of finances as INDY STAR reports the system needs reform and efficiency. We are here to help. Our neighboring state, Kentucky has revealed some serious findings after a Federal Judge demanded release of information being protected under HIPPA and Indiana can be done the same way. Please scroll down to view Bill for Enactment and contact your local rep about it today!
115th Congress

1st Session

Senate Bill # ____________

A Bill For An Act Entitled:  Family Court Jury & Transparency
An Amendment to the Constitution Entitled:  Family Court Jury & Transparency

In the Senate


Senators ____________  introduced the following resolution which was referred to the Committee on_______________________________.

Senate Proposal

Resolved by the U.S. Senate of the United States of America, that the following article is proposed as federal and state law under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, enforceable by Executive action.

This Bill, Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana that: The goal is to provide families with protection of their Bill Of Rights through implementing fair, due process of law with a Grand Jury of Peers option, Judicial Accountability and Transparency in all family courts with an emphasis on protection of children and parents being harmed and death by its’ current system.  This will also lessen caseloads on workers and help protect them as well allowing a more efficient and fair process.

Section 1:  WHEREAS, We The People have been fearful for their families’ lives because of the nefarious sport of trafficking children and parents through non profit business subs of the court with no Grand Jury Trial Option, ability to record their hearings and trials or pursue their rights clearly indicated in Bill Of Rights and US Constitution.

Section 2:  This act will slow down human trafficking offering security for children, parents, grand parents,
                  foster parents, social workers, human rights organizations, police officers, judges and other
                  members of the judiciary; this will aid in saving lives and money and restore faith in the people.

Section 3:  As a model, our state will unite and teach other states and countries that simulate current process
                 inside family courts protecting honesty and integrity of their subcontractors or referring agencies.

Section 4:  Current Federal Entitlement for Family Preservation and Crowd Sourcing will easily fund this act.  
     Community Awareness for Families and We The People will work together as the entity that will over see special duties however its the court house responsibility to set up structure exactly same as Criminal Proceedings where Grand Jury of Peers is being utilized.  Their camera systems will be made available to view and downloadable by customer or family with court. Any Court official must abolish conflicts of Interest with subs. We will initiate 2 members of Senate and 2 from House appointed by Governor as part of the board.
Section 5:  If an official ignores request for jury, All penalties will be same as Criminal Court proceedings; this could relate family court to kidnapping, murder, fraud, treason etc……  in addition to restitution for damages.

Section 6:  Enactment Date:  1/18/2017 IMMEDIATELY